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Dutton Farm


A Partnership with Dutton Farm

Dutton Farm, as an organization, “firmly believes that every person has the right to equal opportunities, meaningful work, and a right to make their own decisions. They are committed to advocating and assisting individuals with unique abilities to live full and satisfying lives; reaching their ultimate potential in achieving their dreams”. This incredible organization is right in our neighborhood, where they too are working to transform our community. Their goal as a program is to educate, employ and celebrate people with mental, physical and emotional impairments. 

The staff at Dutton Farm work tirelessly to find locations for the participants to work that fully appreciate their gifts, talents, and abilities. Lava Mountain is fortunate enough to be one of those locations to have a partnership with Dutton Farm and each week we are blessed to work alongside some of the Dutton Farm participants and their job coaches. While at work, they help around the store with drinks, greeting, and cleaning. They bring such a light to our store!

Not only do we get to work alongside participants from Dutton Farm, but we sell products from their bath and body company, EveryBody. EveryBody has a mission and purpose to offer solutions to chronic unemployment for people of all abilities levels. They value inclusion and empowerment, creativity and innovation, and connection and community. Lava Mountain, Dutton Farm, and EveryBody share all of these values and this partnership is a huge part of what makes Lava Mountain, Lava Mountain.

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