A coffee shop where all of our drinks are of the highest quality and where love flows whenever you enter our doors.


Our Process

The Colombian Land

Lava Mountain sources beans from one of the most productive regions to grow coffee in both Colombia and the world: the Tapias Canyon, crossed by the Tapias River that gives the name to the region, a river that offers its pure waters to enrich the lands and sustain plant and wildlife of the zone.

The coffee beans that we use at Lava Mountain Coffee Co. are grown in the heart of the Colombian coffee producing region, right in the center branch of the Andean mountain chain “Cordillera de los Andes”. In this area, the beans are grown in soil that is enriched by volcanic ash to produce naturally sweet coffee flavors.

Our Careful Selection Process

The quality of Lava Mountain coffee begins at the farm. The coffee cherries are manually selected before the initial process so only the cherries that are in the optimal ripe stage are used for the production of Lava Mountain coffee. Our beans are harvested at just the right time, imported, and craft roasted to deliver the richest cup of coffee.

Coffee Roastery

All of the coffee beans that we roast at our store are the result of the hard efforts of many small and medium size coffee growers in the Tapias Canyon region. The direct importation of the beans from the Colombian farms to our store allows for us to provide our customers with a very high quality bean. We choose to roast all of our coffee in small batches in order to ensure the freshest beans and the highest customer satisfaction. The tried and true roasting process that we abide by provides us the ability to separate the average coffee beans from the extraordinary to create a truly authentic speciality coffee experience.