A coffee shop where all of our drinks are of the highest quality and where love flows whenever you enter our doors.


Get to Know the Owner

Ziad S. Kassab “Z”

Lava Mountain’s owner has a passion for coffee. When Z decided to source the world’s finest coffee to sell and serve, he knew that Colombia was the place to go. Colombia produces the best Arabica beans in the world and is home of the world’s finest estate coffees. His search for the perfect beans brought him to the Andean Mountain Region and upon connecting with local farmers in the area, he knew he had found the coffee that he was looking for!
Not only does the owner have a passion for coffee, but he has a passion for people.

He works towards inclusion at Lava Mountain and is incredibly intentional with how he cares for those around him. The owner of our store was motivated by both of his passions to fuse them into an ethical and people-focused business. When you enter the store, you will see how he has combined them exquisitely to create a space for fostering community and enjoying a good cup of coffee.