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LoK 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate – Colombian Single Origin

Lok Premium Chocolate, Straight from the Farms in Colombia – A Dark Chocolate Bar Containing 60% Single Origin Colombian Cacao

This chocolate is a mouth-watering blend of citrus and berry flavors that result in the delectable sensations that characterize Colombian Cacao.
Our definition of perfection. The ideal amount of Cacao to please your sweet tooth any time of the day.

We are a helping hand

that improves the lives of farmers and their families.

By choosing cacao as their main way of sustenance they are helping to build a better world for everyone. We assist them on creating a suitable and reliable market for their Cacao crops to be sold. This will protect their way of life while they do what matters the most: Keeping safe the already small Fine of Flavor Cacao worldwide production.

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