A coffee shop where all of our drinks are of the highest quality and where love flows whenever you enter our doors.

LAVA MOUNTAIN COFFEE CO. Serving the world’s finest coffee from the heart of Colombia and committing to social change and advocacy in the heart of our community SHOP NOW SPECIALTY COFFEE From what is served at the store to and retail bags for home, all of our coffee is of the highest quality. All the premium coffee beans are the result of the hard work of many small sized coffee farmers in the Tapias Canyon region. SHOP NOW A PLACE FOR ALL All divisions and differences are put aside when you enter our doors. We welcome everyone because everyone has something of value to add to the lives of those around them. SHOP NOW

01A Welcoming Environment

At Lava Mountain, we seek to serve and care for everyone who walks in our doors. Our environment is meant to welcome every single person and every single story.


02Premium Estate Coffee

All of the coffee that we serve at our store and sell in our retail bags is considered specialty coffee, having been grown in the nutrient-rich soil resulting from the volcanic ash that falls on the farm. The coffee beans are all grown on the same farm in Colombia as well. They are all carefully inspected, picked, and processed before being shipped directly to our store.


03More than a Coffee Shop

Not only do we desire to truly know and care for our customers, we work with people to discover their personal skills and talents to strengthen and enrich the store atmosphere. We are a people-focused coffee destination.

Authentic Specialty Coffee Experience

As enjoyable as it is to come into the coffee shop and experience the whole coffee process and aesthetic, we want to provide you with the ability to enjoy our coffee to its fullest capacity even while at home! We sell products such as Pour Overs, Aeropresses, Tea Press, French Presses, Coffee Grinders and Airtight Coffee Canisters online and in-store to provide you with the authentic speciality coffee experience no matter where you are.

House Coffee

Keep it classic with a brewed pot of house coffee. A variety of fresh roasted beans are available to purchase online and in-store to make you a full pot!


Coffee Grinder

Grind coffee beans to any grind size to match the type of coffee brewing method you prefer.


Pour Over

Looking for a way to make one cup of coffee at time? Pour Overs not only are perfect for single-serve, but it brews a perfect, smooth cup of coffee.

Tea Press

Enjoy a single cup of tea with a tea cup infuser or make a whole pot with a larger tea press.

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